Media Console Debate: Expensive vs. Wallet Friendly

Alright so we’ve found our couch, two accent chairs (should I share?!) and well, that’s about it. It’s very stressful trying to pick out furniture without being done, being in the space, and if you’re a crazy indecisive (me). As I search and search for our next big decision, the media console, I honestly think it’s easier to give other people advice than to design for myself.

Minimal Kitchen Organization Solutions

Okay so when I go on Houzz or Pinterest or even when I watch HGTV and see a minimal kitchen, all I can think about now is how they are so incredibly organized. Maybe it’s just me but I’m like where’s the paper towel rack? How do the dishes look so perfect through the glass cabinet doors? Recycling? THE FRIDGE. How does one keep such an organized fridge?!?

Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plans and The Kitchelivining Room

Okay, so I made up the “kitchelivining room” (pronounced kitch-a-liv-ine-ing) but what else do we call the modern day open-concept that has become a standard term in renovation, house hunting, and #homegoals alike? When it comes to our home renovation, the first floor is really not big and it feels like one large room, so I thought, that room deserves it’s own name! What do you guys think? Too much?