Three Unintentionally Fabulous Outcomes of our Renovation

fabulous outcomes of our renovation
There’s always something in any renovation that just doesn’t go the way it’s originally planned. Whether it’s the amount of time it takes or a mess up of ordering, installation, even a fluke in the delivery process, whatever. For us, there were three big, unintentionally fabulous outcomes of our renovation.   Unintentionally Fabulous Outcomes of our Renovation Alright guys, I know I’ve been lacking on the

Mixing Styles of Interior Design, My Top 5 Tips

mixing styles of interior design - living room mood board
As a designer, I pretty much have to appreciate everything. Naturally, I like some styles, some artists, some designers more than others but in my eyes, it really is all beautiful. I think a true talent comes from the ability to mix styles. Whether it’s painted with charcoal mixed in, or Scandinavian industrial interior. I don’t think a designer has to be one specific way

Key Tips to Hosting Football Sundays and our Wetbar Reveal

Hi everyone!  Welcome to our WETBAR Reveal!! It’s the first part of our home that is actually pretty complete, and it’s seriously my favorite tile design in the house. Anyways, I thought this post would be a great way to get the hosting and entertaining section of my blog more up to speed. I can’t wait to start sharing my key tips to having guests, food and drink recipes, hosting cheat sheets and more with you guys. Keep reading for a major new section of WW+W I’m introducing!

Expectation vs. Reality of a Home Renovation

If you’ve been following along you have probably noticed that a) I haven’t blogged in quite a while and b) it’s because we are full force into finishing our home renovation. Now that we are on the other side and have a chance to step back and look at the process, I thought baring all about the expectation vs. reality of a home renovation would be a good way to get real.

Apartment Farewell Tour: DIY Industrial Shelves + The Bathroom

I always say this, but I think it’s so crazy how your mind will forget what a space was like before a renovation. I keep saying I can’t even remember the house a month ago, let alone our bathroom in our current apartment that we renovated about two years ago now. We gave it a complete makeover, complete with DIY industrial shelves. It really was a drastic change and I can’t seem to envision the original. But, it’s fine because from what I remember, I don’t want to remember.