Olivia About Me With White and wood

Here it goes! Welcome to With White and Wood! I’m Olivia, mostly referred to as Liv, and this here is my, as I call it, “Lifestyle Design” Blog.

I was born in raised in Rochester, New York and moved a town over to Buffalo when I went off to college. I earned by degree in Communications and Graphic Design. My day job is in marketing and I on the side I am a freelance graphic designer.

I spent the last five years learning the event business as an event manager. Though I made a (day-job) career change, I love everything about hosting and entertaining. From small home parties to grand weddings, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to design, plan and throw a fabulous party.

My boyfriend Joe and I are currently renovating an old 1880 Victorian in the Elmwood Village, technically in the city but really right outside it. The house is what gave me the push to do this blog thing. With plans to completely gut, re-layout the floor plan, and redesign the entire finish of the house I wanted a place to document the project. Joe is a Professional Engineer by day and dabbles in real-estate, well, also by day. He has a ton of experience, pulled off some amazing real estate projects, and knows the world of construction. He’s also super handy, so it will be fun to watch his skills and sweat be put into our home. Don’t worry people, I’ll be helping where I can too!

As you can see, I pretty much have that whole “creative side of life” covered. I like to call people like me a “super creative” because I live and breathe to do life beautifully, creatively and as much as possible, designed. Creating content is just another hobby and passion of mine and what better place to facilitate that than a blog?!

 I want it to feel real and authentic, I want to share my attempt at creating a life I love. For me, it all ties back to design. It’s what fuels my planning, my habits, my happiness. There is something so important to me about waking up with a plan and purpose even in every day. I not only put 100% effort into everything, I really try to incorporate design someway, somehow. 

Thanks for dropping in, to keep up with my posts or outfits or house or whatever subscribe to the right!!

Thank you all for the support xx Liv