New Weekly Post Series: Article Catch

Article Catch With White and Wood Blog
I was going through my emails this morning, jumping around to my favorite “morning” sites, reading various articles etc. Do you do this? It’s my favorite thing to do. I love exploring new trends, different discoveries, news and just all around lifestyle content first thing in my day. It’s a way of going through my emails (I subscribe to various resources) and it actually helps

Ten Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter

Ten Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter With White and Wood
We all know opening our energy bills in the winter can sometimes¬†cause a wince, maybe a gasp, or even a little yelp. I’m here to tell you, don’t panic. I know you want to tell me that I have no control over the dropping temps. Or, that you did lower the “at home” temperature setting, and really lowered the “away” temperature setting on your thermostat.

Items to Keep on Hand for Last Minute Entertaining

items to keep on hand for last minute entertaining
Sometimes you end up entertaining and it’s more of a surprise more or less. Maybe your husband or boyfriend invites people over without warning you first. What if you’re out with friends and decide you all should bring the gathering to a more comfortable location. Cue panic mode and every thought similar to “did I fold the laundry dumped on the living room chair this

Post Renovation Plans – DIYs Perfect For the Winter Time

post renovation DIYs
Now I know why people say home renovations are never truly done. Planning our post renovation DIYs has only made me more excited to continue to “fixer upper” the house. With the New Year here, and winter is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to make our way room by room. As you all know I can design a room/layout/mood board prior so that

“Shop-It or DIY-It” Holiday Home Decor

Shop-it or DIY-it Holiday Home Decor
I firmly and truly believe that decorating for the season is so important and I believe that your holiday home decor should reflect you, your style and your home. I’m that sappy person who loves all the Hallmark movies, Christmas tunes, and garland on everything. I also love twinkle lights way too much and have taught myself self-control through the limitation of them. ANYWAYS, it’s